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FAAC's range of Network and Door Controllers is designed to allow for scalable systems from 1 to 4096 doors. The extreme flexibility of the system allows different architectures to be used according to your needs; if they change over time, the system will adapt to them, always making the initial investment worthwhile.


Up to 32 doors, no dedicated PC or server is needed on-site with the system managed via the 'SOM' system on module Network Controller. Door kits are sold as a 'First Door Network Controller Kit' and each additional door sold as a 'Second Door Controller Access Kit'. Each kit includes a boxed switch mode PSU with an option for battery back up. 


Over 32 doors, the use of KEYDOM Enterprise allows for an access control system up to 4096 doors and 500K users. Physical or virtual X64 server architectures can be used for both Enterprise Lite and Enterprise Full. The same UI is present as the embedded version to ensure the same user experience no matter the system size.


Concentrates data, configurable via a Browser. Manage up to 32 Doors without the need for a dedicated PC or server on site via the 'SOM' system on module feature. 

FAAC Keydom Network Controller


  • (SOM) based System on Module

  • 1 x Ethernet port 10 / 100 Mb

  • 485 ports2 x RS

  • Number of users = Max 200,000

  • Power supply - 11-15 Vdc

  • Sold as 1st Door Kit 

  • Mounted in Boxed Metal PSU 12v 2ah

  • Optional Battery Back Up

  • Board dimensions: 132x110mm

  • Operating temperature: -20 - +55°C



Bi-Directional Access Control Door Controller,
allows for the management of two Readers configured for Entry and Exit flow. Relay outputs; 250vac 10A (NO and NC) 

FAAC KEYDOM Door Controller


  • 3 x Inputs (Door Status, Exit Button, 1 Aux)

  • Expandable via optional I/O board (4 In 4 Out)

  • Bi-Directional BUS for 2 readers

  • R/W Technology

  • 2 x Wiegand / Magnetic Stripe Ports 

  • 2 x RS232 ports for commercial readers 

  • 1 x Ethernet port 10/100 Mb

  • 1 x RS485 port

  • Max 50,000 users (off-line)

  • Max 8,000 events (off-line)

  • Battery for RTC, cards and events

  • Power supply - 11-15 Vdc


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