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FAAC KEYDOM Access Control Solutions Software as standard across all software levels features a powerful integrated visitor management portal. For businesses and offices, FAAC offers an access control system suitable for both large and small organisations, which is fully scalable at all times.

It will be easy to manage vehicle and pedestrian accesses for employees and visitors in order to monitor access to various areas with different levels of security, identify personnel and vehicles and manage their presence inside every facility.

FAAC Keydom Software
FAAC Keydom Tablet
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Multiple access media visitor options exist including entrance via PIN or PROX credentials, barcode or QR code.


This allows visitors to begin a visit via a smooth and timed entrance to both the car park access (pre-visit) and entering a business via a specified entrance point around a timed duration visit.


The system allows a visitor to easily comply with a building access policy through this easy to use integrated visitor management module. 

Repeat visitor details can be retained in the visitor database which is totally separate to the access users database. 

Depending on local access policy or GDPR concerns, a visit record can be timed to automatically delete after a predefined period. 

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